SteelHead SD

SteelHead SD combines the power of industry-leading SteelHead WAN optimization with innovative SD-WAN and Cloud Networking capabilities, powered by SteelConnect, into a streamlined, single appliance.

SteelHead SD makes it easy to quickly provision branch sites and deploy applications remotely while automatically optimizing applications to ensure performance. With SteelHead SD you can:
Obtain the greatest bandwidth savings and latency acceleration for cloud, SaaS and the latest generations of secure application protocols
Efficiently design, deploy and support ongoing network changes through unified SD-WAN capabilities
Riverbed’s seamless integration uniquely maintains end-to-end application identification and classification across your Hybrid WANs, cloud networks and branches for a true application-centric solution.
The SteelHead SD solution consists of:

SteelHead SD Appliance

A dedicated appliance providing optimized network performance that addresses both bandwidth and latency, to deliver superior acceleration for a wide variety of critical enterprise apps.

With an embedded secure WAN Gateway that provides unified connectivity and enforcement of global policy across on-premises and cloud-network environments with zero-touch provisioning, automated VPN management and next generation firewall and threat protection capabilities.

SteelConnect Manager

A centralized and multi-tenant management portal that provides intuitive and simplified workflow for designing, deploying and managing distributed hybrid.


Superior Performance + Improved Agility = No Compromises

  • End-to-end identification and classification of apps
  • No compromise in end-to-end app centricity
  • Holistic performance improvement


  • Zero touch provisioning and rapid change management.
  • Centrally managed, business intent-based policies quickly applied network-wide
  • Automated cloud networking and performance with single-click cloud deployment into Microsoft Azure and AWS

Network Efficiency

  • Reduced bandwidth utilization by up to 95%
  • Automatic identification and classification of over 1,300 applications
  • Flexibility for upgrades and enabling or disabling SD WAN capabilities

Operational Efficiency

  • Simplified management and less hardware in single appliance solution
  • Streamlined branch configuration
  • More resilient, highly available WAN with full, dynamic use of multiple links at branches

Business Productivity

  • Exceptional end-user experience
  • IT Agility to support business goals
  • Competitive advantage
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